Sunday, 26 May 2013

Self Publishing Progress

Thank you to every one of my clients - I am honored to have you entrust the design of your book (or e-cover) to me.

I thought I'd share a few of the projects I completed recently...

Weight Loss Injections. This was a PDF ebook re-design. My client was not happy with the original design of her ebook, and requested a re-design from me.
Step-by-Step Vegetarian. Another PDF ebook design, done from a basic Word document. I also designed the e-cover for this project.
Connect! How to WRITE Your Own Paycheck. A Kindle ebook I created for SiteSell. Also designed the cover.

Complete Guide to Grilling the Perfect Steak. Another Kindle ebook designed.

There were other book designs and e-covers that I completed, but I didn't want to turn this post into a showcase of projects completed.

My Self Publishing Progress

As this IS my self publishing diary I suppose it is relevant to share my progress with my self publishing endeavors. Right?

Firstly, I wrote and uploaded an article to my site:  It was actually an article that I was pondering for a while, and eventually decided to get it written.

I also completed my White Paper, How to Review a Legitimate Home Business Opportunity. This was another project that I had on the back burner for a while.

My books. I've been working on 3 of my books, and I'm on target to get the first one finished by the end of June (possibly before the end of June). It's a small with short articles to offer the reader encouragement. All will be revealed soon.

What I Saw Online

With my last post about the paper book becoming extinct, I see that Stephen King's new novel will only be available as a paper book. Very interesting, as he was one of the pioneers who went the ebook route.

If you are a self-published author with a recipe or cooking book or ebook, you now have your own platform available...

Here's something new for self published authors, from Bowker...