Monday, 22 July 2013

Self Publishing Diary Update. Or not.

By Colin Dunbar

The 9-to-5 job, clients' projects, and a family matter to attend to made me slip on posting here. Hopefully it'll change in the not-too-distant future and I'll have more time to spend on my blog. I did manage to brainstorm an idea... if it works, I'll share the news here.

Self Publishing Diary Update

Very little was done on my own writing the past few weeks. I did manage to update my Showcase of Self-Published Books page. It's great to see how many people are self publishing their own books.

What I found on the Web...

The Book Marketing Maze: 22 Wrong Turns & How To Avoid Them

Jonathan Gunson

4.  Waiting To Promote Your Book Until After It’s Published

The day it launches is way too late to start marketing your book.

Planting The Sales Tree

In the vast majority of cases, building connections with people who will help and pre-release promotional work needs to start well in advance if you want to see early sales.

Solution:  Start today. 

But, if you did leave it until after launch, then start today.  It’s never too late to plant that tree.  It’ll just take a little longer to grow.  But if you’re just starting to write your book, that’s the time to start your marketing program.  Many authors think that as soon as their book is published it’ll be a fully grown tree. 

But publishing is merely the beginning.

My son bought me Jonathan's Blogging for Authors mini course. I'm really excited
to start reading it. Jonathan is a bestselling author who knows his stuff.

 Joanna Penn on Publishing a Book