Monday, 24 September 2012

It was a quiet week

From busy, busy, busy to quiet... that's how things are in this crazy business, I suppose :o)

Actually, it was a bit of a lazy week (and yesterday I took the family out for the day).

I got Chapter 1 back from my tester - after looking at the comments, I had a brainstorming session with my son. I love brainstorming... their is so much value in this type of exercise.

As result of our brainstorming, I came to the decision to re-structure my book slightly (a neat benefit of self-publishing, I think). There will now be a little re-work to be done, but it will end up being a better book.

Also, as result of our brainstorming, the self publishing checklist I had is also going to be a  better document. The self-publishing checklist is going to be used as a promotional tool, and I believe it's now going to be more beneficial, and will offer the reader more value.

Although I haven't made a firm decision yet, I think my deadline for Book #1 will be February 2013.

Last week I worked on a side project... it's a small project I started in January (been working on it now and then), and it should be available in November. All will be revealed when it's available.

What I saw online...

Kindle is not the only player on the block. Kobo Writing Life now offers authors the opportunity to self publish on the Kobo device.

That's a wrap for this issue of my self publishing diary.

I wish you terrific and tremendous success!