Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Phew... neglected my diary

A deluge of projects and the inquiries the past few weeks kept me from updating my self publishing diary.

I'm now pinching some and sharing my progress, with goodies and news I mentioned previously.

We wrapped up my son's book, Kickstart Your Graphic Design Career, and it went live on 21 November.

Bronson proved that it can be done to write and self publish your book, even with tight deadlines and a work overload.

If you are considering self publishing a book, let me assure you, IT IS POSSIBLE, and can be done!

Kickstart Your Graphic Design Career
My own progress changed slightly. The side project I mentioned a while ago actually took center stage. My Success Journal went live on 16 November. I've used a success journal for many years and can say I get a lot of benefit from it. That's where the idea came up to create My Success Journal and hopefully others will benefit from it.

My priority #1 book - DSPB has taken a bit of a back seat as result of my workload. Although I've only worked on DSPB now and then, the writing of the book is actually close to finished. As from January, it will again become my #1 priority.

My Success Journal

What I Saw Online

A great interview with Seth Godin, where he talks about books, business and life.

Seth Godin Interview

If you're planning on self publishing your book, this article may be useful...

Formatting Basics

We writers generally don't like planning. But planning a book can really be useful, especially for self publishers. This site offers super advice, and templates to help you create your own writer's plan.

The Writer's Plan

Still on the fence whether to self-publish or not? Maybe these stats will help you to take action.

Self Publishing Stats

If you've just entered the exciting world of self publishing, and wondering how to get more book sales, these 10 questions may help.

10 Questions

SBI! offers a practical suite of tools to start and run your own online business. If you have even a slight talent with writing, or have a way with words, SBI! can work for you. If you've been thinking along these lines, SBI! have a Buy One, Get One Free special running at present.

Your Own Online Business

Wishing you the best that can be, and trust you have an enjoyable holiday season.