Monday, 24 March 2014

This is my Self Publishing Diary. Right?

By Colin Dunbar

I'm really excited.

I made a decision, and I hope it's something you'll find interesting, valuable, and hopefully sometimes useful. This is my self publishing diary, and I decided to treat it as a "diary". Instead of just posting about my self publishing efforts (which can be far and few between), I'm going to share a bit more about me: what I'm reading, what I write, and also when I come across something that I think is useful, I'll share it here (if I find something that really excites me, I'll post or write a post about just that - ummm, maybe that's a bit of a cop out).

I got some of my mojo back. A week ago I was booked off for the whole week (nothing life-threatening), and I ended up writing a lot: outlined a long article, wrote a section of my memoir (2nd revised edition), wrote a short article, wrote three posts for my blog,, PLUS I wrote draft Press releases and pages for a new web project my son and I are working on.

Not bad for someone who was hit hard with writer's block.

What I'm Reading

I'm presently reading Writing Fiction for Dummies by Randy Ingermanson. It's been (too) many years since I wrote fiction (short stories), and that's the reason I got this book. And wow, am I glad I did? Writing Fiction for Dummies is ideal for someone like me: it takes me from the very basics, all the way to writing a query letter. One of my good investments, this was.

I read every single day of my life, and in addition to the Dummies book, I read a heap of articles on a variety of subjects.

Snippets on the Web

Last week I went through my archives, and thought it'll be useful to sahre the following with you...

Great News from Lulu

Lulu have expanded their ebook services. This is an extract from the news article:

Great news! has opened up Kindle, Kobo and many more eBook retailer sites to you, so readers on all devices can buy your eBooks.

And there's even more good news: Our print book distribution service is free.

With, you have a single, free and simple method for getting all of your books into as many distribution channels as possible. No more need to publish your books in multiple places. Now, you can sell what you love everywhere.

I'd really like to hear what you think of my decision: good, ok, bad. Drop me a line in the comments.

Have a great writing week, and ALWAYS believe in yourself.