Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My first encounter with writer's block

By Colin Dunbar

For many years I heard and read about writer's block, but I couldn't relate to it.

And that changed...

Writer's block was something "out there" - something that I passed off as a lack of focus, or procrastination, or even laziness.

Sheesh, did that change when I encountered writer's block in a big way!

There was never a shortage of ideas (and writing) in my life: articles, short stories, outlines, non-fiction books, etc. I cannot recall a time that I was not writing (as my wife will attest too).

And now?

All gone. I have several books at various levels of completion. I've regularly tried to revive my writing, but no luck. One thing I did manage to get going is my new blog: http://formatbookinword.com/, and I'm going to try and focus on just this one project (and hopefully my self publishing diary).

Friends have said I have a valid reason for this block in that I have been focusing on my daughter, wife, and granddaughter - to be honest I have no regrets about my change of focus, but it still doesn't reduce the feeling of frustration in not being able to write.

The question I have for myself: Will I get through writer's block? And how will I do it?

The answer to the first question is a categorically YES! The answer to the second question is not exactly clear right now (but I do have some ideas).

In trying to find a solution for my writer's block, I read a few articles, and watched some videos, and found this one to be quite good.

If you are experiencing it, or have had writer's block I would love to hear from you.